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Prisms Aerospace Automation

Prisms Aerospace Automation has a proven track record of delivering steady growth and financial performance.

We have provided the long-term shareholder with superior investment returns while delivering quarterly dividends on a consistent and growing basis.

Prisms Aerospace Automation provides intelligent automated manufacturing and distribution technology solutions. We transform how the world's leading manufacturers make and distribute products.

Prisms Aerospace Automation was found in 1998, Prisms Aerospace Automation has come a long way in our short history. Today the company operates 58 manufacturing facilities around the world. Our precision products provide the light vehicle, commercial truck, off-highway, energy and industrial OEM markets with powertrain system solutions. Our Skyjack brand is a global leader of aerial work platforms to the construction and access markets. We are a diversified manufacturing company powering motion, powering work, powering lives. Prisms Aerospace Automation is turning 50 this year which is a huge milestone for us. I'm extremely proud of the organization we have built over those years and I'm very confident in what the future holds for Prisms's customers, employees and its financial stakeholders."

We operate on a set of core principles, including:

• ensuring the safety of our employees

• a commitment of high ethical standards

• setting high performance standards for returns on equity, returns on capital employed and growth

• empowering business unit leadership

• fostering an employee-share ownership culture

• continuously and prudently investing in our businesses

• preserving our strong financial position that provides flexibility to employ our growth strategies and build market share

• focusing on businesses which supply highly specified capital goods that come with opportunities for continued product support

• respecting the environment

These principles have successfully guided us through many economic and business cycles, helping us to shape our strategies and select the best opportunities available


Our corporate target is to earn an 18% after-tax return on opening shareholders' equity over a business cycle. In support of this measure, we set specific performance metrics for our businesses, including return on capital employed. Depending on the nature of the business, we expect to earn threshold pre-tax returns on invested capital ranging from 17% to 25%.


650 Montreal Rd #2no
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Branch Office

L213-301 Gorge street,
Sydney NSW, 2000, Australia