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Prisms Aerospace & Automation

Designing & Development

The Prisms Product Development System is a disciplined approach to the product development cycle as outlined by the Prisms GOS (Global Operating System) Playbook. The step-by-step process begins with design creation through the use of advanced industry CAD and CAE software packages, followed by Design Validation (DV) and Production Validation (PV) level testing of physical parts in our own development facilities and lastly, release of the approved production design into the Prisms manufacturing environment. Prisms collaborate during this process to ensure seamless integration from initial concept through to program end-of-life. This proven approach to Product Development is responsible for numerous success stories that have brought advancements and innovations to the marketplace.

From product assembly through final packaging, we have proven expertise providing innovative manufacturing solutions in all phases of production. Our experienced teams of engineers work with you to design a custom solution that fits your needs.

The efficiency and reliability of material handling automation systems often determine the productivity and profitability of a warehouse or distribution center. Manufacturers want to produce and ship product to customers faster, cheaper and with increased quality.


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