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What is Prisms Stepping Stone?

At the core of Prisms's operations is the Stepping Stone. It is an analogy that signifies a stone with three legs. Those legs represent the Customer, the Employee and the Financial stakeholders who each have a vested interest in the long term success of the company. 


Our businesses employ several common strategies, proven to work over the long term.
Prisms Aerospace Automation serves a diverse number of markets that offer significant long-term potential for profitable expansion. Each operating group strives to achieve or maintain leading positions in served markets. Incremental revenues are derived from improved coverage, market share gains and geographic expansion. Expansion of the installed base of equipment provides the foundation for future product support growth and leverages the fixed costs associated with the Company's infrastructure.

Prism’s Aerospace Automation parts and service business is a significant contributor to overall profitability and serves to stabilize results through economic downturns. Product support activities also represent opportunities to develop closer relationships with customers and differentiate the Company's product and service offering. The ability to consistently meet or exceed customers' expectations for service efficiency and quality is critical, as after-market support is an integral part of the customer's decision-making process when purchasing equipment


Prisms Aerospace Automation delivers specialized capital equipment to a diverse range of customers and industries. Collectively, hundreds of thousands of different parts are offered through the Company's distribution channels. The Company expands its customer base through selectively extending product lines and capabilities. In support of this strategy, Prisms Aerospace Automation represents product lines that are considered leading and generally best-in-class from suppliers and business partners who continually expand and develop their offerings. Strong relationships with suppliers and business partners are critical in achieving growth objectives


The combined knowledge and experience of Prisms Aerospace Automation 's people is a key competitive advantage. Growth is dependent on attracting, retaining and developing employees with values that are consistent with Prisms Aerospace Automation 's. A highly principled culture, share ownership and profitability-based incentive programs result in a close alignment of employee and shareholder interests. By investing in employee training and development, the capabilities and productivity of employees continually improve to better serve shareholders, customers and business partners.

Prisms Aerospace Automation information technology represents another competitive differentiator in the marketplace. The Company's selective investments in technology, inclusive of e-commerce initiatives, strengthen customer service capabilities, generate new opportunities for growth, drive efficiency and increase returns to shareholders.


A strong, well-capitalized balance sheet creates financial flexibility, has contributed to the Company's long-term track record of profitable growth. It is also fundamental to the Company's future success.


650 Montreal Rd #2no
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Branch Office

L213-301 Gorge street,
Sydney NSW, 2000, Australia